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Improve your skills, increase your confidence


Total Elite Soccer Training

"TOTAL ELITE SOCCER TRAINING offers a unique training experience that focuses on individual player development. Every athlete is at a different stage in their development and here at T.E.S.T. we approach each one with that in mind. Upon consulting with the parents and players about their goals, we put together a program that is catered to the player. Progress is actively tracked throughout the program and adjustments are made to the players regimen as needed. We offer a one-on-one and small group training environment because every athlete progresses at a different rate and at T.E.S.T., every athlete matters."



NEXT LEVEL READY: Our primary goal at T.E.S.T. is to prepare our players for the NEXT LEVEL. As skill increases, confidence follows. This is "A" key in player development and "THE" key in player progression. Are you in high school looking to play college ball? In college striving for the pros? A professional looking for your next club? Wherever you are in your journey to the next level, T.E.S.T. is here to help get you there.

ONE-ON-ONE: Training sessions consist of player and coach. Special attention is paid to every athlete with each session being designed specifically for that player.

SMALL GROUP TRAINING: Sessions consisting of 2 to 4 players include highly technical instruction from a T.E.S.T coach. Areas of focus are individual skill and technique in combination with partner work and multi-player situational progression. This includes 1v1 scenarios and position-specific drills at game-day intensity.

COLLEGE RECRUITING ADVISERS: We realize that playing collegiately is a goal for many players. T.E.S.T is partnered with NCSA, the largest, most trusted recruiting network in the world. This partnership represents another resource for players to capitalize on during this once-in-a-lifetime process. T.E.S.T advisers work with players and parents, side-by-side, to ensure that each player has the necessary tools to navigate the recruitment process. 

MATCH ANALYSIS: Are you in need of an in-depth analysis of your play by a coach?  If so, we can help! We will provide a detailed analysis of your player based on the video you provide. This video will include one full game. From this video, we will identify strengths/weaknesses and provide solutions with appropriate training exercises which will aid the player to meet their full potential. All of this will be done via “live” video conferencing! You will receive an in-person video conference with Coach Sonny to discuss your game.

EUROPEAN TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Technique, use of both feet, tactical awareness, reading of the game, right place, right time. These are some of the attributes that embody a talented, high IQ, soccer player in Europe. Size, strength, and speed is not enough these days, neither is being dominant in only one area of the game. Being well-rounded is being complete and being complete is being elite. Those that focus on and develop all areas of the game, with and without the ball, are the ones that stand out. Becoming ELITE is a journey, and here at T.E.S.T., we look forward to being a part of yours.

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My daughter starting training with total elite less than a year ago and has made a tremendous amount of progress in a short period of time. All of the coaches strive to work on areas that need improvement in technical, physical and mental elements of playing soccer. The coaches take time to explain why they are doing a particular drill and how it will help in game situations.

Although the training sessions are very rigorous, there is a great balance of working hard and giving positive reinforcement.

Overall a very professional program with dedicated and passionate staff who truly care about each players development.

Cindy Vonderhaar - Parent Player






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